June 6, 2015.  Taja.  Philadelphia, Pa.

Larry is an exceptionally patient driving instructor with detailed, descriptive teaching skills.  He helped me take my test, not once, not twice, but at least 4 times.  When most people would have grown tired of explaining the same thing over and over again, he always worked with me to make sure I was comfortable behind the wheel.  Particularly, for my 4rth go round for the driving potion of my test, he kept me calm, went over every aspect of the test and even gave motivation through way of an Ashton Kutcher acceptance speech, yoga breathing excercises, and lots of laughter.  I would HIGHLY recommend Larry for any adult driving student who needs a little extra help and confidence in their driving skills.  No on else is more fit for the job!

May 11, 2015.  Cindy.  Phoenixville,  Pa.             FOURPROS@LIVE.COM

Best decision I ever made!!  Larry is very professional and polite.  He gave my daughter all the skills and confidence she needed to be a safe driver.  I will use him again next year, when my son learns to drive.  Thanks Larry!!

May 10, 2015.  James.  Bensalem, Pa.

After our daughter was having difficulty with her driving test, a friend of ours recommended Larry's driving school.  Their son had just passed his driving exam after taking lessons from Larry.  We called and were able to start our lessons right away.  Within a couple of weeks we were able to schedule 3 lessons and the state test, which she passed.  I went on one lesson with my daughter and was most impressed with Larry's concern for time management.  He wanted to make sure our daughter was getting the most practice time during the lesson with minimal waiting at the practice site.  He even set his own cones up to give her the ability to practice parking.  It was a very positive experience for us as parents and for our daughter.  

April 15, 2015.  Dawn.  Newtown Square, Pa.

We have used Larry for multiple people and ages in the household and we couldn't be more pleased.  Not only is he always accommodating but he is super friendly, very knowledgeable and always on time.  His car is safe and clearly marked.  We will continue to use Larry.

July 2, 2014.  Jill Wilson.  Philadelphia, Pa.                 wilsjill2@yahoo.com

We had a wonderful experience working with Larry.  Scheduling was easy and after only 3 lessons my daughter passed the driver's test on her 1st try.  Thanks Larry for being a great driving instructor!  We will definitely refer our friends!

June 24, 2014.  Zara.  Reading, Pa.

Larry is a great driving instructor.  I was terrible at parallel parking but he taught me a very easy and

simple way to park and I passed my test the first time.  Definitely hire him.

February 24, 2014.  Mark.  Perkasie, Pa. 

We hired Larry from Accident Free Driving School for our son and we couldn't be happier with the results.  Larry was always on time to every appointment, he always sent courtesy reminders for upcoming appointments. His car was safe and clearly marked as student driver.  He  reviewed the key components to taking the driver's test at the actual testing center and our son passed his license test on the first try.  We will surely hire Larry again for our next two children when the time comes to get their licenses as we were impressed with Larry's knowledge, teaching abilities and his support throughout the process.


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September 13, 2015.  Heartwill.  Philadelphia, Pa.

I was introduced to Accident Free Driving School by my sister and Larry was my instructor.  I took the driving lesson and parallel parking and I nailed it just one attempt.  I passed.  I have this nervousness always and afraid of driving but Larry has patience for me, and taught me through the lessons.  Larry is very patient, reliable, humble, fantastic and knowledgeable and he is super friendly too.  Before I was nervous and so scared I can't pass my test.  And the day of my test Larry told me be calm down girl.  Whilst I was taking my test I can hear his voice talking to me gentle in my head telling me be calm.  You can do it.  So I passed and I am still surprised that throughout my test with the examiner I was not nervous.  One thing also, was the day of my test it was raining too.  I am telling everyone to come to accident free driving school, you will pass your driving test one time.

February 19, 2017.  Roman.  Philadelphia, Pa.                               relizarov@gmail.com

Larry, the best teacher of driving.  Thank you very much.  I had been driving in Russia for 18 years, but here I had to pass the exam from the start.  And Larry just showed me some elements and tips how to pass test.  These thing nobody will use in real life, but when passing the driving test they are absolutely necessary.  I appreciate, you are very polite, intelligent, punctual, and 150% confident.  Best choice to study with Larry.

December 9,  2016.  Irving.  Lancaster.  Pa.

The most important on training to drive is the instructor that you're going to be with and how comfortable you're going to be while you're driving it was an excellent experience with Larry and he gave me what I needed for me to pass the test and of course I was nervous but the main case in point is that I passed. 

March 31,  2017.  Laura.  Drexel Hill.   Pa.                                   hockeymom26104@gmail.com

Once again I just had another great experience with Larry.  He is the best driving instructor out there right now.  My son just passed his license on his first attempt and after only having a few lessons with Larry.  Larry also helped my 2 older children get their license as well.  Larry is reliable, friendly, and so easy to work with.  My children have said he is an excellent instructor and they learned so much from him.  I would highly recommend him to any parent out there who wants their child to learn how to drive from the best.

July 1, 2015.  Linda.  Blandon, Pa.                                        lindalennard@frontier.com

Thanks. To Larry a great instructor. Kindness, patients, on time and accurate. My son passed his test the first time.  I would recommend this driving school to anyone.  Thanks Larry.

June 19, 2015.  Sharon.  Bensalem, Pa.

Larry was an awesome instructor.  He helped my daughter get her license.  He gave her constructive  criticism and always was very positive.

December 19th, 2014. Beth.  West Chester, Pa.

Larry did a fantastic job of teaching our son to the point where we felt comfortable riding with him and then was always willing and able to take him out to fine tune his skills.  The he was willing to take our son for his exam when we were out of town on the day of the appointment! 

July 15, 2014.  Timiyah.  Coatesville, Pa.

My mother hired Larry for me and he was great!  Larry worked with me through everything and I ended up passing my test on the first try.  I would definitely recommend Accident Free Driving School to anyone and everyone.

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Accident Free Driving School, LLC

October  29,  2017.  Bria.  Philadelphia,  Pa.

I had a 2 hour lesson with Accident Free Driving School in October.  Larry was my instructor and he arrived early and was very friendly.  I felt really comfortable and he had me take notes, practice driving and parking.  I went for my test on 10/17/2017 and passed with flying colors.

May 26,  2017.  Steph.  Phoenixvelle.  Pa.

Larry is an excellent instructor.  I took 2 lessons with him.  After our time together I was not only able to pass the road test, but had the confidence to drive on the highway (which has always intimidated me before).  I would highly recommend Accident Free Driving School to any new drivers or anyone looking to revisit any specific skills.  During our lessons, Larry left me with notes that I was able to review while practicing.  These were highly helpful since it is easy to forget one of the many nuances of driving outside the lessons.  He reviewed all the parts of the road test with me so I was well prepared for the test. 

April 20,  2017.  Charles.  Philadelphia.  Pa.

Well if you want to learn how to drive this is by far the best driving school out there very easy going kind and of course you should pass your test with this school just want to say thanks to Larry who is the owner.

February 20, 2015.  Bob.  Phoenixville, Pa.       adegen@comcast.net

Had a good experience with Larry.  He covered all of the important stuff.  He went through the test course and gave a thorough explanation. Son passed test on first try. I recommend AFDS.

January 26, 2015.  Kristy.  Blue Bell, Pa.        kcorino@aol.com

Larry was invaluable in teaching our twins to drive.  He was always on time, available to answer questions, and made my son and daughter very comfortable behind the wheel.  They always felt safe with him, and learned so much in a short period of time.  He even took them to the DMV on the day of their test so that he could preview the course with them, and they were able to use his car for the test.  They passed with flying colors, and I credit Larry for that.  I have recommended him highly to several of my friends, and they all had the most positive outcomes.

November 6, 2014.  Marie.  Philadelphia, Pa. 

My daughter received driving lessons from Larry Kaufman.  He was an amazing instructor.  He was very patient, pleasant, thorough, reliable and knowledgeable.  I hired a driving instructor prior to Larry and he put fear in my daughter on her first lesson and she never wanted to drive again.  A previous co-worker referred me to Larry and I encouraged my daughter to give Larry a try.  He made learning very easy for her.  She passed her test yesterday full of excitement in fact she asked me can she drive my car tonight.  I am a proud mother thanks to Larry.  I highly recommend him.

March 15, 2014.  Connie.  Phila. Pa.

Larry is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet.  He comes to your home for your lesson and is never late.  He is very accurate and knows what his is doing.  My main worry was parallel parking and he helped me perfect it. I took 2 lessons with him and passed my drivers test on the first try.  I would recommend anyone that wants to drive use his services.

September 29,  2017.  Shelley.  Phoenixville, Pa.

Great experience.  Larry knew exactly what my son needed in order to pass the licensing exam on his first try.  I felt very safe and comfortable with his instruction, always on time and excellent communication.

February 11,  2017.  Michael.  Philadelphia, Pa.                              m.ramos215@yahoo.com

Excellent instructor.  In just 2 lessons I learned everything I needed to pass my driving exam and I passed on the first try.  Thank you!!

November 2, 2017.  Barb  Stolzer.  Collegeville,  Pa.

What a great experience I had dealing with Accident Free Driving School.  I would recommend to everyone.  They were courteous always on time was a pleasure working with them.  I also found them to be very reasonable. 

September 3, 2015.  Rick.  West Chester, Pa.

Accident Free Driving School helped all 4 of my children become safe drivers.  I highly recommend this company.

July 2, 2015.  Tracy.  Pottstown, Pa.

Hi Larry, Sean passed his driver's test.   Can you email me the certificate when you get the chance.  Only 2/8 teens passed the test on Wednesday and Sean was one of them. Thanks for your help.   

January 15, 2015.  Josh.  Phoenixville, Pa.

Larry was a really good instructor.  He was especially helpful with preparing me for the test and parallel parking.  Thanks! 

October 15, 2014.  Albert.  Chaddsford, Pa.

Larry from haver town was my instructor loved him really drilled safe driving in me made passing test easy.  Thanks Larry would recommend him to anyone

August 14,  2017.  Jenny.  Sellersville,  Pa.

My son had failed his test the first time 2 days before his second attempt.  I contacted Accident Free Driving School.  Larry came to my house and gave my son a 2 hour driving lesson with parallel parking practice.  My son passed the test with ease! Thank you.

​December 8, 2015.  Beth.  Philadelphia.  Pa.

​Larry was a great driving instructor.  He was thorough and conscientious. He really helped our daughter be a safe and solid driver.  With his help she was able to pass her test on the first try.  I would definitely recommend him to others.

September 25,  2016.  Regina.  Malvern.  Pa.

Larry, thanks for the great job you did with the driving lessons for my son.  The training and advice you gave allowed my son to pass the driving test on the first time with a perfect score.  I highly recommend you to anyone looking for driver training.  Many thanks.

  December 10,  2016.  Derrick.  Blandon,  Pa.

  My daughter was having difficulty with parallel parking.  She took one lesson with Larry. I told him to concentrate on parallel parking.  My daughter passed her parallel parking effortlessly, now I don't have to take her to work anymore.  Thanks Larry.

June 4,  2017.  Danj.  Pottstown, Pa.

I'm glad I found this driving school.  Sometimes I procrastinate with a lot of things and of course driving was one of them.  I called around all day looking for a school because I needed a little more practice parallel parking!  My road test was on literally the next day.  I knew if I didn't take a lesson I wouldn't be walking out with my license because I didn't know how to park,  I called Larry he was able to come out the same day.  Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic!  It got late. It was dark on top of all that it started to rain.  So I didn't get to practice much with my parking.  Larry was so nice he offered to come out early in the morning the day of my road test and practice just on parking.  He was very patient, his prices were very reasonable!  I passed my test on the first try and I can  honestly say I couldn't have did it without the help of Larry.  Thanks you so much. 

March 5, 2015.  Anne.  Philadelphia, Pa.

Larry is a great teacher.  I would have my children take lessons from him.

September 16, 2014.  Tony.  Phoenixville, Pa.

Larry was great.  He picked up my son at home for 3 driving lessons, 2 hours each.  First lesson was driving around town.  I noticed an improvement in my son's driving after the first lesson.  Second lesson was highway driving.  Third lesson was at the driving test site which included practicing parallel parking.  Of course we practiced at home as well.  My son passed the test on the first try!  Thanks Larry.

March 21, 2017.  Peter.  Villanova, Pa.

Accident Free Driving School taught all 3 of my children.  Larry was terrific and trained them properly.  We have recommended Larry to all of our friends.

April 26,  2017.  John.  Philadelphia.  Pa.

Thanks a lot Larry you are a very nice person and a wonderful teacher.  Each driving lesson and practice make me more confident and comfortable so I pass the test.  I wish you good luck and I am sure you will get more students.  I can tell my friends about your driving school. God bless.  

August 19,  2017.  Faith.  Philadelphia,  Pa.

Larry is a class act.  He is so professional in everything he does.  He treated my niece and nephew with respect.  He encourages them and gives them notes to review at the end of each lesson.  And celebrated their success.  I do recommend this driving school.  You won't be disappointed.  

February 9,  2017.  Rob.  Atglen, Pa.

Larry has taught both of my kids how to drive.  They passed on their first attempt but more importantly they are confident, safe drivers.  I highly recommend his services.  Thanks for having the patience that I lack.

October 24,  2017.  Blanca.  Phoenixville,  Pa.

Me and my son's took lessons with Larry.  He is very patient and encouraging.  Taught us so well that all 3 of us passed the actual driving test on our first try!  And that's 3 days in  a row!  Thanks Larry!  Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

267 879 7244       AFDS1@verizon.net       P.O. Box 235  Phoenixville, Pa..  19460

January 3,  2017.  Vinodh.  Exton.  Pa.

Hi Larry.  I'm Vinodh.  I took a driving lesson with you on 9th Oct.  I practiced myself further and then got my drivers license on 12th Dec.  Want to thank you for guiding me well.  I was so scared.  Now I can drive with confidence.   

October 7, 2016.  Karen.  Narberth.  Pa.                                          Karen.kanjian@yahoo.com

Dear Larry, thanks so much for helping Jack out with his driving.  Please feel free to use me as a recommendation. 

February 4,  2017.  Lisa.  Schwenksville, Pa.

Thank you for preparing Hayley so wellfor her driving test.  Your instruction definitely helped her confidence and eased her anxiety about the test.